How to Help

You are key partners in the education of our scholars and our school's success in the future!

Give Time

Stokes volunteers work on a wide range of activities, including serving as a mentor or room parent, working in the Stokes Garden, fundraising, making classroom presentations, and making Spanish and French instructional materials and assisting lunch or recess.

Volunteer commitments may be year-long, short-term or one-time. To learn more about volunteering at Stokes School, contact Family Engagement by clicking below.

Give Financial Support

Your donation directly impacts the well-being and academic success of both staff and students. With your support, we can provide educational materials, technology, and engaging experiences that inspire curiosity and creativity among our students. Additionally, your donation will contribute to professional development and wellness opportunities for our staff. Donations help us to create a thriving educational community that will set our scholars up for success today and in the future.