Support Services

Student Support Services

At the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School, parents, community members, teachers, specialists, and service-providers work together to support our students academically, physically, and emotionally. Our approach is to support and understand the needs of the whole child, as well as to support our students’ families.

Special Education Program

Students who are eligible for special education services receive an individual education program (IEP) that identifies their goals and objectives for the year. Approximately thirteen percent of Stokes School students have IEPs.  Depending on students’ needs, special education services are rendered by our learning specialists and related service providers.  Most services are provided in an inclusion setting.

Support For Students Acquiring English (ELL)

A comprehensive approach to teaching students who are acquiring English as a second language is used daily in each class, while valuing language and cultural diversity and maintaining high expectations for all students. Teachers facilitate language learning from explicit skill instruction, content-based instruction, and task-based instruction. Each fall, the ELL coordinator, David Bravo, administers the ACCESS assessment to help teachers make plans to adequately meet student language needs. Students’ scores are compared over time.

School Nurse

Our school nurse screens students for hearing, eyesight, immunization, and scoliosis. Throughout the year she is available for minor injuries, medication distribution, and health consultations. Our nurse teaches classes to our students about good touch/bad touch, healthy habits, and changing bodies.


Academic, Behavioral and Developmental Supports

Support services are available to students who are not making adequate progress at school. Students who consistently display difficulties progressing or achieving in expected areas of growth and/or learning should be referred to the Student Support Team (areas of expected growth include, but are not limited to: academic, social/emotional, behavioral, cognitive, language and motor skills). The Student Support Team (SST) is composed of staff members and family members who meet to review data and determine interventions to best support the referred child. With the aim of improving students’ rate of learning and their ultimate school success, team members choose appropriate strategies and interventions to be implemented for a six-week time frame. After the six-week period, the SST reconvenes, evaluates the effectiveness of the plan, and develops next steps.

Support Referral

Any adult in the Stokes school community (i.e., staff member or caregiver) may refer a student for support services. Completed referral forms may be directed to the Campus Director, School Counselor, or Coordinator of Special Ed Services.  The Prekindergarten Coordinator processes referrals for our prekindergarten students.

Possible Interventions

  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
  • Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP)
  • Classroom Behavior Interventions
  • Teacher Consultation Sessions
  • Evaluations:
  1. Psychological
  2. Physical Therapy
  3. Occupational Therapy
  4. Speech-Language
  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Brief Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Long-Term Individual Counseling Sessions
  • Peer Counseling Sessions
  • Brief Family Counseling Sessions
  • Parent Skills Education Sessions
  • Community Referrals
  • In-Patient Hospitalization
  • Alternative School Placement
  • Residential Educational Treatment Center