Recorded Sessions

Back-to-school week sessions including all-school and classroom sessions and related materials.

Recordings and information from our October 17 celebration to finish Hispanic Heritage Month.

Recording and presentation from the 5th grade exhibition info session.

Recording and resources from the March 27 Francofête

Recordings of informational sessions, including Back-to-School week and First Friday.

Recording, slides, and summary in Spanish of the November 18 presentation.

Recording, slides, and accompanying materials of the February 16/18 presentations.

Recordings and slides from Brookland and East End sessions April 22.

September 16, 2020

January 8 session on navigating ParentSquare.

Presentation recording and materials on protocol for March reentry cohort.

Recordings, slides, and materials from the May 22 Town Hall (English and Español)

Recordings, slides, and materials from the June 10 New Families Welcome presentation