The Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School is committed to excellence in all things. Our rigor, high standards, and inquiry-based curriculum broaden scholars’ world-view and develop higher order thinking skills. Our academic program is structured around a dual-immersion model where students learn language (English and Spanish or French) through the content areas.


Teachers strive to help all students achieve at their highest capacity and develop a passion for learning. Teachers aim to accommodate individual needs and differentiate instruction for all the various learning styles and abilities. A key factor in creating the best learning environment for students is team teaching with small class sizes and a learning specialist assigned to each grade level. Providers of special education and related services most often deliver those services to small groups within classrooms, as well as in self-contained classrooms.

BROOKLAND CAMPUS  3700 Oakview Terrace, NE  |  Washington, DC 20017  |  202-265-7237

EAST END CAMPUS  5600 East Capitol Street, NE  |  Washington, DC 20019  |  202-975-2100

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