Current operational status:

All students attend all lessons online.

Virtual Learning

Certain groups of students attend virtual lessons while in the school building. All others virtual.

Limited on-Site

Hybrid learning available for some grades. All others virtual.

Limited Hybrid

Hybrid learning available to all scholars. Families may choose to remain virtual.

Full Hybrid

Daily in-person learning is available to all scholars.

Full in-Person





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The creation and refinement of our protocol is rooted in protecting the safety of our scholars, staff, and community to the fullest extent possible. Please refer to the most recent school communications for up-to-date protocol information.

No student, staff, or community member should come to the school if they are experiencing any COVID symptoms.

Before arriving to the school, all adults must complete the online health form. A member of operations staff will take the temperature of all students and staff before they may enter the building. Scholars will be escorted to their classroom by a member of staff. You may view a video of arrival procedures for Brookland or East End. Families will drop off and pick up their scholars from outside; no additional persons will be allowed inside the building.

Staff will enforce 100% mask use, social distancing, and hand hygiene. Staff will perform cleaning of high-touch surfaces on a regular basis throughout the day.

Students will eat lunch at their desks in their classrooms. Recess will take place in small groups to avoid crowding.

We will perform pool testing on 30% of on-site staff and students on a weekly basis through Mirimus Labs.

Family-School Agreement for In-Person Programming During COVID-19

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