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Founded in 1998 with an enrollment of 35 kindergarten and first grade students, Stokes School has added one grade each year and currently enrolls 350 pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students. 


Following their graduation from Stokes School, our alumni have enrolled in secondary schools throughout the DC area.  More recently, however, Stokes graduates have had the option of guaranteed matriculation at DC International School, a middle-high school that was planned and developed by five local charter schools that feature language immersion curricula (DC Bilingual, Elsie Whitlow Stokes, LAMB, Mundo Verde and Washington Yu Ying).  In 2014 and 2015, most Stokes School graduates elected to transfer seamlessly from the Elsie Whitlow Stokes School to DCI.



Stokes School graduates at DCI are currently thriving in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. In addition to the traditional core subject areas, they take classes like Design, Coding, Social Justice, and Journalism. Students engage in inquiry-based learning in both English and their target language of either Mandarin, French or Spanish.   Some students have elected to add a third language as well.


Stokes scholars have also gone on to pursue undergraduate degrees at some of the country’s most well-regarded colleges, including including American, Catholic University, Central State (OH), Columbia, Cornell, Drexel, Duke, Goucher, Grinnell, Harvard, Howard, Kent State, Lafayette, Loyola, Mt. Holyoke, NYU-Shanghai, North Carolina Central, Oberlin, Ohio State, Penn State, Sewanee, Trinity,  Wooster, and the Universities of Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.


For more information on the current whereabouts and accomplishments of our alumni, check out our Alumni page here.


Scholars by the Numbers

33% of our students live in Ward 5, the DC Ward where the school is currently located. 31% percent live in Ward 1, where Stokes School resided until fall 2008. The remaining students come from all sections of Washington, DC.


55% of the Stokes School scholars are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches.


18% are English language learners from homes in which a language other than English (including Spanish, French, Amharic, Wolof, Arabic, Chinese, and Yoruba) is spoken.


45% of our students are African American.28% are Hispanic/Latino.17% are White.9% identify with two or more races.About 2% are Asian or American Indian/Alaskan Native.


Many of Stokes School’s students and their families have immigrated to the United States from West and East Africa, Central and South America and Europe.


11% of our students receive special education services.


Scholar & Class Information 2014-2015

Total Students: 350 students
English Language Learners: 18%
Free and Reduced Lunch: 55%
Special Education: 10.6%
Student to Teacher Ratio: 10:1

OSSE Report Card

OSSE’s annual school report card provides information on school performance. The report card includes results of the DC Comprehensive Assessment System (DC CAS), academic growth among groups of similar students, and attendance rates. See Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School’s Report Card at http://www.learndc.org/schoolprofiles/view?s=0159#reportcard.

PCSB School Performance Report

The DC PCSB produces annual school reports that are evaluated using the Performance Management Framework (PMF). The PMF assesses charter school performance and gives each school a score between 0 and 100%.  Tier 1 schools receive a score of more than 65%.  A school’s score is based on a variety of factors including student performance on standardized tests, student academic progress, attendance, and school re-enrollment rates.

Use the reader below (or visit http://issuu.com/pcsb/docs/dcpcsb_pmf_2013/139) to view the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom Public Charter School 2013 Performance Report.