Family Orientation Week

Monday, August 24

The Stokes School leadership team explains the school vision, mission, culture, and procedures for the 2020-2021 SY.
  • Materials distribution will take place Friday, August 28 from 9-2 at each campus. Please check your email for campus-specific instructions.

  • Pre-K scholars will receive tablets and kindergarten through fifth grade scholars will receive Chromebooks.

  • Distribution of technology and math kits will take place after school starts due to backorders.

  • All families please fill out the lunch application (Brookland or East End). If you would like to receive meals, please also fill out this survey. Meal charges will be billed monthly on a sliding scale relative to family income.

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The Stokes social workers provide information about Stokes School practices to support socio-emotional development.​

Tuesday, August 25

Orient Your Students to Zearn Math

Thursday, August 27

Curriculum overview by Instructional Leadership Team

Thursday, August 27

Classroom meetings

Friday, August 28

How to support the target language from home.