Learning Specialist


(Prefix: Mx. Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs)


Lauren Gunn, a native Washingtonian and activist educator, joined the Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS community as a Learning Specialist in the fall of 2019. Before joining Stokes, they taught special and general education populations ranging from elementary school through graduate school. They also served as a professional development consultant for the Center for the Professional Education of Teachers at Teacher College, Columbia University.  As a New York City Teaching Fellow, Mx. Gunn completed their Master’s in Education at Brooklyn College.  They earned a Bachelor of Science from Drexel University, where they majored in literature and minored in African-American studies and sociology.  Mx. Gunn is personally and professionally passionate about urban academic excellence and educational equity.  In addition to reading and writing, Mx. Gunn enjoys artistic and athletic pursuits including writing, personal training, and martial arts.  They are deeply inspired by Daisaku Ikeda’s humanistic philosophy of education.  Ikeda purports,


"Education makes us free…It is through education that we are liberated from powerlessness, from the burden of mistrust directed against ourselves.  The individual who has been liberated from self-doubt, who has learned to trust in him- or herself, is naturally able to believe in the latent capacities of others.  Education enables us to look beyond superficial difference to perceive the great earth, the great sea of life that sustains us all."

Mx. Gunn is excited about contributing their spirit of humanism to foster the development of global citizens who are committed to social justice.

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