Teacher: Kindergarten French

Mme. Laurence has been in the education field for 18 years. Since she was a child, she always liked helping others. From an early age, she knew she needed to choose a career that would allow her to connect with others. Teaching gives her the opportunity to help others learn, grow, and to become transformational and life-long learners.


Mme. Laurence holds a Certificate of Mastery in Early Childhood Education and a Batchelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland University College. Throrugh these courses, she developed a passionate interest in creative writing.


When not teaching, Mme. Laurence likes to meet with friends to sing, and to write stories for young children. One story that she wrote is titled "The Singing Contest at the Farm." She likes the fact that every situation creates ways for learning. Sometimes learning begins with the most innocent and interesting question!