What time does school start?

Brookland Campus: For kindergarten through fifth grade school starts at 8:05 AM. Kindergarten goes straight to their classrooms, while first through fifth grade starts the day at Morning Line-up in the Multi-Purpose roomh. Pre-kindergarten starts at 9:00 AM, and scholars should go directly to their classrooms. East End Campus: Morning Line-Up for Kindergarten and First grade begins at 8:05 AM in the Gym. Pre-kindergarten will continue Before Care in the gym until class starts at 9:00 AM.

Is there Before Care available, and is there a cost associated with it?

Before Care is available beginning at 7:30 AM and is a free service. Staff is not available to supervise children before 7:30 AM, please do not leave your scholar outside the school unattended. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten scholars should be signed-in in the cafeteria by a parent or sibling, and first through fifth grade should report to the Multi-Purpose room. For East End: Scholars should be signed-in at the front desk or with Mr. CC outside. Scholars must be signed-in by a parent or sibling.

What time does school end?

Pre-kindergarten scholars go home at 3:00 PM, while kindergarten through fifth grade are dismissed at 3:30 PM. On Fridays dismissal is at 1:00 PM for all scholars. After School care is available until 6:00 PM. For information on the After School program click here.

What should I do if my scholar is going to be absent?

Brookland Campus: Parents/guardians are required to notify the school on all days when scholars will be absent. Notification can be made by email, written note, or by calling the school at 202-265-7237 by 8:00 AM. Emails should be sent to Please refer to the Family Handbook for the policy on excused and unexcused absences. East End Campus: Parents/guardians are required to notify the school on all days when scholars will be absent. Notification can be made by email, written note, or by calling the school at 202-975-2100 by 8:00 AM. Emails should be sent to Please refer to the Family Handbook for the policy on excused and unexcused absences.

What is the drop off procedure?

BROOKLAND CAMPUS Pre-kindergarten through first grade scholars should be dropped off on Oakview Terrace. Second through fifth grade scholars (and their younger siblings) should be dropped off on the school side of Otis Street. The back gate on Otis Street is open from 7:30-8:30 AM and 3:00-4:00 PM. Parking for families is limited to the lower parking lot and street parking. Please do not drive past the cones on Oakview Terrace when dropping off your scholar. EAST END CAMPUS

Enter the school through the East Capitol Street door under the Stokes School awning from 7:30 AM until 6:30 PM or the Blaine Street parking lot from 7:30 AM until 8:30 AM. The Blaine Street parking lot will be closed at all other times.

Parking in the Blaine Street parking lot is limited to school staff. Parking or standing is prohibited on East Capitol Street NE from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Unmetered street parking is available on Blaine Street, 55th Street and 57th Place NE. Any car illegally parked on school grounds is subject to be towed at owner’s expense.

Please respect our neighbors by not parking in front of driveways, blocking traffic, walking through neighbors’ yards, or littering.

What does language immersion look like at Stokes School?

At Stokes School scholars learn to speak, read, write, and think in two languages: English and French, or English and Spanish. Literacy instruction and content instruction are delivered in both languages. Students in Pre-kindergarten spend 90 percent of their day immersed in Spanish or French while Kindergarten through fifth grade spend 50 percent of their instructional time learning in each language. All lessons have both content and language objectives. Scholars at Stokes develop a balanced bilingual ability and are able to demonstrate their abilities before graduation on study tours to Martinique and Panama.

What support is in place for scholars who do not have previous experience with the target language?

Our pre-kindergarten model allows for a full immersion experience through play, games, songs, and practicing everyday language in a comfortable and welcoming environment. The program is designed for children to learn a second language and welcomes children of varying language abilities. Our school model allows for two target language teachers/assistants in the classroom at all times on target language days for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. This allows for differentiation and support in acquiring the target language and differs depending on the needs of the children in that particular class. We have additional staff members who provide extra support for children who are new to the target language after first grade. This support is often provided in small pull-out groups for conversational practice, a preview of classroom activities, help with vocabulary or tasks, or for scaffolded writing support.

Health and Wellness

Does my scholar need to bring their lunch from home?

They are welcome to bring their lunch or they can eat school lunch. Parents/guardians are asked to complete a meal application before the first day of school in order to determine the cost of school lunch. The fee scale ranges from free to full payment depending on household income. Parents and guardians are billed for lunch on a monthly basis and are expected to pay all bills that are incurred. Breakfast and Supper (provided in the After School program) are free to Stokes scholars.

Who do I talk to about my scholar’s dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Please be sure to document all dietary restrictions and allergies in your scholar's enrollment paperwork. Any changes in the scholar's dietary needs should be documented by a medical professional and provided to the school nurse who will notify the Stokes Kitchen.

Are nut products ever allowed on campus?

NO. Stokes School is a completely nut-free environment.

My scholar requires medication during the school day, who should I talk to about that?

The school nurse has the necessary paperwork to be filled out prior to medication being administered to your scholar at school; this includes asthma inhalers and Epi-Pens. Please bring paperwork directly to the school nurse. Please note that the only medication scholars may carry to self-administer are asthma inhalers. Please ensure that the scholar's Asthma Action Plan specifies their ability to self-administer.

When should my scholar stay home from school?

For your scholar’s welfare and for the protection of others, it is important to keep your scholar home if he or she has:

  • A fever over 100 degrees during the past 24 hours
  • A cold in the active stages
  • A sore throat and/or swollen neck glands
  • An undiagnosed rash or skin eruptions
  • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours
  • Ring worm that has not been successfully treated with medication


How will I be notified in the event of an emergency or inclement weather closings?

Stokes School notifies parents through emergency notification system, Send Word Now. Please make sure your contact information (cell phone, work phone, e-mail address) are up to date so that you will receive the form of communication you have requested. The form for updating emergency contact information can be found here. Information about school closings will also be posted on the school's website and on their social media accounts.

What is the best way to get in touch with my scholar’s teacher?

All Stokes staff can be reached by e-mail. Their e-mail addresses are listed on our website. Find Brookland staff here. Find East End staff here.

What is the best way to stay current with all of the things taking place at Stokes School?

Stokes School produces a monthly newsletter and classrooms send a weekly newsletter home with each scholar on Fridays. The monthly newsletter, as well as important news and events, can also be accessed on our website and social medias. Additionally, Stokes School has an e-mail listserv for the school community and separate listservs for each individual classroom. If you would like to be added to the community listserv please e-mail

School Governance

What is the Stokes School Board of Trustees responsible for?

The Board of Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the programs Stokes implements are consistent with the school’s mission. Throughout the year, the Board reviews educational programs, chartering authority policy, legislative activity, and daily life at Stokes, ensuring that our mission statement stays relevant and up-to-date.
The Board also works tirelessly to spread the word about Stokes, communicating the school’s mission and programs to the public. Board members also do a great deal of advocating to public officials, funders, and the chartering authority on behalf of Stokes School. You can find more information on the Board of Trustees here.

What is the District of Columbia Public Charter School Board responsible for?

The District of Columbia Public Charter School Board (DCPCSB) is the governing body for all public charter school within the District. They are an independent government agency and the sole authorizer of public charter schools. The DCPCSB's mission is to provide quality public charter school options for DC students, families, and communities.

School Administration

What is the Stokes School Executive Director responsible for?

The Executive Director's general responsibilities are coordinating and managing all administrative, instructional, student support, and day-to-day school operational functions. They are responsible for facilitating the school's leadership team and ensuring that the school's goals are consistent with legal, fiscal, organizational, and community demands.

What are the Stokes School Campus Directors responsible for?

Campus directors coordinate and manage all administrative, instructional, student support, and day-to-day campus-level operational functions. They provide overall management responsibility for the campus to create an environment supportive of a high quality educational experience and participates in the recruitment and selection of faculty and staff.

What are the Stokes School Dean of Students responsible for?

The Dean of Students provides leadership supporting the development and maintenance of a peacecful, respectful school climate that is conducive to learning. They supervise students referred for redirection and collaborate with community resources to support student and school needs.

What are the Stokes School Directors of Teaching & Learning responsible for?

The Directors of Teaching and Learning are responsible for providing leadership supportive of the instructional program of Stokes School. They supervise teachers, learning specialists, instructional coaches, and the special education coordinator. In collaboration with teachers, the Directors of Teaching and Learning plan and coordinate school-wide professional development to ensure that teachers obtain and maintain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the school's goals.

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