Why a nature-based playground?

A broad range of research worldwide supports the benefits of outdoor and nature-based time for children.  This can be in the form of natural playgrounds, outdoor classrooms, and even nearby tree canopy. Read more about the benefits of nature-based play here.


Will KaBOOM give us another playground?

Stokes School is proud of our long-standing relationship with KaBOOM!  They built the existing elementary playground at Brookland when the school moved to the site in 2008, and more recently built the playground at the East End campus in 2018.


We are in conversation with KaBOOM! about ways to partner on our vision of renovated nature-based play spaces at the Brookland campus.


Can’t we just build it ourselves?

We are counting on the people power of our community to build the playground!  In preparation, however, we need to work with seasoned professionals to maximize our unique space and ensure a safe and enduring playground.

When will the playground be ready?

We will have more information about the building plans, including phases of construction, during our next step with the designer: design development.  We will share updates with the community as they come available.


How can I help?

ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE WELCOME AND NEEDED!  Please contact Caroline Hutton to discuss how you can get involved, or make a monetary contribution HERE.