The majority of our leadership team got their start in the classroom at Stokes School! We encourage the career paths of all of our staff, and frequently hire from within.

53 members of staff have been with the school five years or longer, and 28 members of staff have been with the school 10 years or longer.

It's a family affair! Eight families have two or more members working at our school. Children of twenty six staff currently attend or previously attended the school. Five Stokes School alumni returned to work here.

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Employment Benefits

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Stokes School offers a competitive benefits package including health, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. 

We offer an attractive and competitive health insurance package through CareFirst BCBS. A portion of the deductible is funded through our Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Our dental plan, through Guardian, offers low-deductible care that includes preventative services and orthodontia coverage.

National Vision Administrators covers annual vision screening for a low copay. They also offer competitive rates for glasses or contact lenses.


The Elsie Whitlow Stokes Community Freedom PCS seeks innovative, adaptable individuals who are life-long learners who embrace diversity and believe in children’s inherent ability to learn. We invest in activities that both advance the school’s mission and support the ongoing career and professional development of faculty and staff.

Stokes School follows Mayor Muriel Bowser's Order of September 20, 2021 mandating COVID-19 vaccination of all staff. 


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Our retirement plan is managed through TIAA. The plan offers tax deferred savings through pretax plan contributions, a diverse range of investment options, and the convenience of online management through the TIAA website.

Additionally, employees will have access to a retirement advisor and a range of educational resources on retirement planning through the TIAA website.