Back to School Night

Wednesday, September 16

Brookland Classroom Sessions

East End Classroom Sessions

Large Group Pre-K - Mr. Davenport

Pre-K French A - Ms. Lili and Mme. Keita

Pre-K French B - Mme. Francoise and M. Constant

Pre-K Spanish A - Profe. Gris and Sra. Yara

Pre-K Spanish B - Sra. Ortega and Sra. Kelly

Kindergarten French - Ms. Monica and Mme. Laurence

Kindergarten Spanish - Ms. Sloop and Sra. Marcia

First French - Ms. Super and Mme. Sonia

First Spanish - Ms. Grace and Profe. Vero

Second French - Ms. Jessie and Mme. Leogal

Second Spanish - Ms. Jessie and Sra. Marcela

Third French - Ms. Ritinski and Mme. Alice

Third Spanish - Mr. Bryson and Sr. Carlos

Fourth French - Mr. Frey and Mme. Amelia

Fourth Spanish - Mr. Frey and Sra. Robledo

Fifth French - Mr. Stewart and Mme. Bley

Fifth Spanish - Mr. Stewart and Sr. Carlos

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EAST END CAMPUS  5600 East Capitol Street, NE  |  Washington, DC 20019  |  202-975-2100

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